About Us

Who We Are

TBNZ (Tenpin Bowling New Zealand) is the National Sports Organisation for Tenpin Bowling in New Zealand, as recognised by the NZ Olympic Committee and Sport New Zealand.  TBNZ is affiliated to WorldBowling, the body responsible for administering the sport world-wide.

TBNZ is a non-profit organisation and receives funding from Sponsor Centres, individual member fees, tournament levies, and charitable grants.

Our Mission Statement

“To work with the industry and stakeholders to provide the foundations to encourage participation and achievement within the sport of tenpin bowling.”

Board of Directors

The governance of TBNZ is vested in the Board of Directors (the “Board”) as defined in the TBNZ Constitution.

The Board comprises of:

  • Four (4) elected Board Members
  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as appointed by the elected Board Members
  • Proprietors Representative as ratified by the CEO and the Board Members

Our current Board of Directors are:

The job description of the TBNZ Director is outlined in the following link:  Director’s JD

The Management Team

The CEO and the Management Team are responsible for the completion of all administration work to keep TBNZ running and to service the needs of the bowlers and work with the Sponsor Centres. All the Management Team members are volunteers and carry out their duties while meeting the demands of their working lives, family lives, and often active participation in bowling.

The volunteers provide their expertise, valuable time and resources  to help with the administration of TBNZ.

The current members of the Management Team are:

(with link to Job Description)
EmailPosition Holder
Chief Executive Officerceo@tbnz.co.nzPosition vacant
Administration Manageradmin@tbnz.co.nzPosition vacant
Finance Managerfinance@tbnz.co.nzPosition vacant
National Tournament Managertournament@tbnz.co.nzPete Richardson
Technical Managertechnical@tbnz.co.nzShorty Madeley
Ranking & Statistics Officerrankings@tbnz.co.nzTim Swain
Tournament & Web Support Officertournamentsupport@tbnz.co.nzIan Klein
Media Officermedia@tbnz.co.nzRoger Tucker
Education Officereducation@tbnz.co.nzIvena Heald
Club Liaison Officerclubliaison@tbnz.co.nzDonna Fletcher

The TBNZ Board is currently covering and performing the functions of the vacant positions in the Management Team.